Monday, July 11, 2011

Another short man demeaned!

  Wow!  It has happened again.  A short man has been subjected to a hostile work environment a la Sgt. Patrick Burns.  The story reads similar, as he had pictures of his head pasted onto the body of a baby and was patted on the head and called a  "m" word.   Here is the article...

  I wonder what would have happened had his race been attacked in the same manner?  What if he were black and his boss referred to him as an "n" word?  I am sure his boss would have been terminated!  So, why is it okay to disparage a short man in such a way?  It obviously was offensive and demeaning to him!

  Of course his boss, Moises Guimet, says this never happened;  I have to laugh at that.  Why would this man, Juan Pichardo, go through the trouble of filing suit if it weren't true?  He is the one that has the burden of proof does he not? One man's word against another isn't going to cut it!  Mr Pichardo must have had something for his attorney to agree to represent him.

  It was the same story with Sgt Patrick Burns; a short police officer who sued the city of Bayonne, NJ after being subjected to a hostile work environment for twelve years.  His reward: a suspension for misconduct.  Could it be that if Sgt Burns was black or female and was harassed due to those characteristics he would  have received justice?   His fellow police officers would have no doubt been disciplined.

  So, just because you file a suit doesn't necessarily mean you will get justice.  Not even a large class action suit (Dukes vs Walmart) will guarantee a remedy.  This was a suit for gender discrimination.  The Supreme Court just ruled that this particular suit shouldn't go forward and it will be the responsibility of the individual to sue Walmart, instead of a suit with potentially over a million plaintiffs.   This case has been going on for almost ten years.  Now, wouldn't you think that if the claimants didn't experience discrimination, they would have given up a long time ago?

  There are many short men out there who experience mistreatment at work that don't sue, probably because they won't get much justice!  It is not just about compensation, it is about principle!  If you can't discriminate against one group, then you shouldn't be permitted to do it to another group.  Isn't that equality?  Unfortunately, most states have yet to pass protective measures for the short statured!     Until then, us short men and women will be subjected to this type of unfair treatment.

  Phrases such as...""How can this little man help us?" and "You short people sure have personalities" (as were directed at me) will continue to exist in the workplace.   You can object to these and will subsequently be told to "go work elsewhere" or "get over it shortie";  working elsewhere won't solve the problem because they will engage in the same behavior.

  Heightism is rampant and it is high time that these employers be held accountable!!

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